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As our name says, we at FBC are passionate Boarders before anything, eager to have fun on the water in all conditions and by all means ! For this, you just need to have the right board, share our joy and experience of the sport, and become even more “Addicted to Ride”, not only in windsurfing, but kiting and surfing as well.

The truly amazing thing about windsurfing, kiting and surfing is that the possibilities are limitless, as is the amount of pleasure you get from their practice, and the way you can improve your level.


We all have our little objectives and big dreams, and at FBC you’ll find experienced trained windsurfing instructors, guys and girls, whose passion is to make sure you achieve your goals and turn them into well acquired skills, at your own speed, whilst having fun. Coming from various horizons and having travelled the blue world and many of its’ best spots, their experience is invaluable, and your progress simply guaranteed.

You can choose to take private lessons or to share the challenge with other eager windsurfers in a fun and international atmosphere, always with a maximum of practice time, and with those little tips that will make the big difference!

Who doesn’t want to be better, go faster or higher, improve one’s riding style or simply stay longer on the water and enjoy it even more?

Yes, we are Addicted to Improve too !

Kiting can’t be called a new sport or considered as a trend anymore. It has now reached its’ golden age and brought a third dimension to all water addicts, with unbelievable sensations, and lightning fast progress guaranteed.

At FBC, you’ll get your fair share of the pie - flat water, sandy standing area, super constant winds, breaking waves or freeride conditions in paradise-like surroundings.

In the best suited spots and conditions, trained by professional certified instructors, who are focused on safety and individual progression, you will discover with kitesurfing a new You.

All FBC centers are dedicated to offering the highest safety standards and the most suitable equipment for each new kiter, using modern methods to guarantee both progress and fun in what will most probably turn out to be the expected or surprise highlight of your holiday. Caution: it may change your life habits!

Those already infected by the virus and willing to get even better will have the chance to rip at some of the most dreamlike spots on the planet while improving their skills in an interactive way, being coached with maximum time on the water, and of course a daily adrenaline intake.

Our teams in Fuerteventura, Essaouira, Martinique and St Martin are pro’s, dedicated and as hungry as you for long rides, serious hang time and new tricks. Join them !

As for Surfing, it has always been an art of life as much as a transcendent way to experience the ocean, the waves and yourself, making you better at all other board sports around.

Along with Windsurfing and Kitesurfing, Surfing comes up as THE ideal complementary action sport to practice on the water, with the highest emotional output and a feeling of communion you will never experience anywhere else.

Besides, Surfing – the most ancient water sport of our history – is experiencing a second youth , being somehow more affordable, and allowing to start at a super young age (you were born swimming, don’t forget it).

Surfing really is accessible to everybody, if you are 7 or 77 years old, and a sure guarantee of the highest possible satisfaction and fun time spent in the water. And on top of it all, it’s cool ?

Whether in Essaouira, Fuerteventura or St Martin, you’ll all get your share of superb waves and breaks however high or low your experience is, and all this all year round.

Now, you can’t miss that wave, can you ?!