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We are very proud to announce the launch of FBC KARPATHOS KITE – a new spot in the FBC portfolio and a total paradise for kitesurfers!

FBC KARPATHOS KITE - `BIGDAYZ` is a brand new center built this year, situated directly at the beach of the `Luv Spot´; an authentic preserved area with very little infrastructure on the south west of the island. Karpathos is well known as a high wind destination, and the Meltemi happily shows up in force most days, particularly in high season. There is also a steady wind throughout low season too.

If you are looking for a windy spot you will not be disappointed! The wind is strong, the direction is side shore and there is a large area for kiters only to enjoy the full range of conditions on offer.  There is a mix of chops and flat water on the inside, rolling swell on the outside and proper breaking waves that can only be ridden in certain specific areas near the reefs (experts only). A full coaching programme is available from beginner to advanced covering all the learning steps, up to jumps, jibes and freestyle moves.

With top NKB equipment and ION accessories, amazing wind statistics, sideshore wind and a range of conditions, FBC KARPATHOS KITE should be next on your list!

Travel Offer KarpathosNew Sofia Studios from 215 EUR per person 
1 week accommodation in studio (doubleoccupancy),
incl. breakfast at the Anemos Bar, transfer & travel

Date: September - October

FBC Karpathos Kite: 1 week kitesurf rental from 350 EUR
(Complete Set: Kite, Bar, Board, Harness, Wetsuit)