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Pix of the Day for 3 December 2007

DescriptionHalloha from da Caribbean!

Survived the 7.4 earthquake, it rocked our world here on Barbados!!! Luckily the earthquake was located @ a depth of 145 kilometer so nog severe damage and no tsunami!


Arjen de Vries/Fanatic/Maui Sails/7 Shores/

pics by: Ianthe/

Arjen fingrab with a 5 mast cruiseship in the background

Tabletop by Arjen in front of SUP surfer @ Surfers Point

Arjen waveriding @ Surfers Point Barbados

Of the lip by Arjen @ Surfers Point Barbados

One handed jump by Arjen @ Surfers Point Barbados

Surfing, windsurfing, SUP- & kitesurfing @ Barbados

Arjen taking of one handed @ Surfers Point Barbados