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Pix of the Day for 8 July 2008

DescriptionHalloha from a windyyyy Renesse!

Beautiful day @ da Brouwersdam wind, waves & some sunshine!

New Wave 69 + 4.2 Maui Sails Legend

Hang loose!

Arjen de Vries/Fanatic/Maui Sails/ Shores

All pics by Adelimar

Beautiful day @ da Brouwersdam

Sand flying, Arjen rigging his 4.2

Arjen flying high @ da Brouwersdam

Rider of the storm Arjen @ da Brouwersdam

Windyyy day @ da Brouwersdam

Edwin taking a Maui Sails Legend out of the Windsurfing Renesse van

Arjen lollipop jump @ da Brouwersdam

Team Fanatic/Maui Sails; Mario backlooping

Arjen riping his New Wave 69 @ da Brouwersdam