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Pix of the Day for 30 October 2008

DescriptionLast weekend, 25-26 October, 28 freestylers battled for the throne in "Aiolos arena" at Loutsa beach, Athens-Greece.
Of course our team members, Stamatis Promponas (GRE 393 fanatic/north) and Evi Tsape (GR 2 fanatic/np) were there fighting for the title. Stamatis won the single elimination on Saturday while Evi ( the only girl in the competition) advanced a few heats nailing flakas, spocks and grubbys but unfortunately had to give up the fight when her starplate got loose off the board.
Sunday was another windy day full of interesting heats between the rest of the freestylers whose level has rocketed in the last year or so. Stamatis was ready for the final heat though doing move after move with consistency, flow and style. High shakas, perfect ponch, double flakas, burner and (my personal favorite) no hand flaka was some of the moves in the final heat. A successful event with lots of action making everyone wanting more and more.

Congrats to Stamatis and Evi!