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“There is no harm to do yourself some good …”

From this simple human fact of today’s society the concept of Fanatic the Boarders Center – known as FBC - was created; a group of independent windsurfing & kiting centers in exclusive locations throughout the world, whose people are totally devoted to sharing their passion for water sports. We now come to you with a selection of windy and sunny destinations where the cream of the latest Fanatic range awaits you. It is definitely time to indulge yourself !

Whether you are a complete beginner eager to discover the pleasure of windsurfing, an intermediate or a real expert, you’ll find the very latest equipment from Fanatic in all of our centers, along with high quality rigs from either North Sails or Neil Pryde. All of this combined with the expert opinion and trimmings of the teams onsite. Furthermore, you’ll have the chance, in some of these selected centers to test equipment in Avant Premiere conditions and give your feedback directly to the Fanatic Research & Development Team. Why compromise ?

A windsurfing, kiting, SUPing or surfing holiday is about a lot more than equipment, and we are dedicated to ensuring that you have the time of your life, both on land and on the water. We stand for a first class service adapted to suit your personal requirements, whether this be helping you with the optimal trim of your equipment or making sure that your stay in the local hotel is as pleasant as possible.

You will benefit from professional instruction standards, no matter what your ability, in a private lesson or as a group from our certified instructors of all backgrounds and nationalities.

The same applies to kiting too, so don’t hold back in discovering another dimension and an unbeatable feeling, in complete safety and only when the conditions are just right for your level and aspirations, using the finest of the North Kiteboarding or Cabrinha product lines.

If you just can’t get enough, several of our FBC locations give you the opportunity to widen the spectrum of sports to enjoy by offering amongst others: mountain biking, catamaran sailing, wakeboarding or canoeing, with the same emphasis on the quality of the equipment and the tuition.

Finally, not forgetting the mind, each of our destinations and centers emphasize the specific cultural and natural environment where they are located. Wherever you decide to visit us, you’ll find numerous alternative activities designed to help you to discover the finest aspects of the local life, history and environment. Safaris in the dunes, wandering through the local Médina, discovering the historical highlights of the island or savouring the remotest locations for a unique sunset are all part of our concept to provide you with a successful windsurfing or kiting vacation.

Now it’s time to relax, spend some quality time on the water with the sweetest toys on the market and open your eyes and mind to other cultures and landscapes in a totally international and relaxed atmosphere.

Fanatic the Boarders Center, more than a holiday, an experience you will never forget …