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FBC Karpathos Kite

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Karpathos is the second largest of the Greek Dodecanese Islands, in the southeastern Aegean Sea, and is located halfway between its more famous neighbours, the islands of Rhodes and Crete. The island is approximately 320 sq. km in size, with the highest point being Kali Limni, at 1,215 m. Karpathos has stunning beaches famous for crystal clear water and natural beauty, and fantastic hiking and trekking paths that cross the island leading visitors to amazing spots. Picturesque villages, interesting sightseeing and delicious restaurants amaze and delight. Karpathos is characterized by high mountain tops, verdant forests and beautiful bays, it is still relatively undeveloped, and you will not find mass tourism here. It is a place to find peace and quiet, not busy paths and crowded beaches. It´s all about being connected to nature, and feeling part of traditional Greece.

FBC KARPATHOS KITE is situated directly at the beach of the `Luv Spot´on the south west of the island. Karpathos is well known as a high wind destination, and the Meltemi happily shows up in force most days, particularly in high season, but there is a steady wind throughout low season too. The airport is close by (less than 5km), and accommodation is also within easy reach of the center. Ideally, you will need a rental car or a scooter to commute between your main accommodation and the spot.


Trekking and Hiking - Karpathos is well signposted and hiking trails lead to old chapels, mountainous villages, secluded beaches and hilltops with stunning views to the sea.

Mountain Biking - Enjoy the wonderful conditions for biking on the island either alone or guided

Yoga and Massage - A perfect end or beginning to any day, especially on holiday !

Rock Climbing - Professional guided rock climbing for beginners and more experienced climbers

Boat Trip - Take a boat trip to the remote island of Saria, which was once connected to Karpathos before being separated by an earthquake. The island is totally uninhabited but has some interesting ruins and beautiful beaches.