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Kitesurfing Karpathos


FBC Karpathos Kite is situated directly at the beach of the `Luv Spot´ on the south west of the island. The Luv Spot itself is an authentic preserved area with the kite station and a taverna, so very little infrastructure around. Ideally, you will need a rental car or a scooter to commute between your main accommodation and the spot (5km approx).

The normal wind direction at FBC Karpathos is side-side-off from the right in the morning, turning slowly to side-side-on in the afternoon as the wind picks up. There is a mix of chops & flat water on the inside, rolling swell on the outside and proper breaking waves that can only be ridden in certain specific areas near the downwind reefs (advanced riders only).

The spot is generally not for beginners unless taking lessons, as the wind is strong, the beach is reasonably small, and there are downwind reefs. Be aware that this is not the easiest spot in the world to learn kiting so arm yourself with patience and energy and plan a full two weeks. However, the reward will be worth it !

All rentals should therefore have the ability to kite perfectly upwind to ride here.

Windsurfers and kitesurfers share the spot harmoniously, with a “windsurfing priority area” on the upwind half of the spot (right when looking at the water) and a “kitesurfing priority area” on the downwind part. The spot is never over-crowded as good riders enjoy going further upwind, just outside of the bay where the beach and center are located (further out and to the right than the windsurfing area). Full rescue cover is of course provided, and the center has 3 boats for rescues, service and teaching.

The team can also take you upwind so you can have a great run back to the center.

Please Note: You must be able to ride comfortably upwind and this will be checked at the center before you go on the water.

We recommend that you bring your own wetsuit, harness and shoes (if required). These are also available to rent at the center.


FBC Karpathos Kite offers various training packages for learning and improving kitesurfing for pure beginners to advanced and riders looking to get into waves, as well as video analysis if required. Instruction is in various languages by fully qualified VDWS trainers. Courses are held by an international team of instructors. Supervision is also on offer as well as video analysis at a fee.

The spot at FBC Karpathos offers a mix of chops and flat water on the inside, rolling swell on the outside and proper breaking waves that can only be ridden in certain specific areas near the reefs. Any and every kiter can learn something here! Beginner lessons take place in the open sea outside of the bay, downwind from the reef, from a platform specifically built so that you can learn, train, rest and do it all over again! There is also always a boat at your side for the best personalized input from your instructor. Coaching for all (other) levels also happens from the teaching boat and the team can guide you into waves as well as into the most advanced freestyle tricks and big air moves you’ve ever dreamt of!

Please note that if every level will improve here, the conditions, especially in high summer, are more challenging for pure beginners than in other spots around the globe. There is no real standing area and Karpathos is well known for strong winds ! In order to guarantee the highest possible success, prepare your fitness and learn how to fly a kite in advance. What you will have learned in Karpathos will allow you to then ride pretty much anywhere else in the world afterwards though, and that’s definitely worth it !!


LANGUAGES: Courses are held by an international team of instructors. German, English, Russian, Italian and Greek on offer.

SPECIAL PACKAGES: Various combos with lessons and rentals. Please contact your Tour Operator for more detailed info.