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Kitesurfing St. Martin


The eastern coast of St. Martin is exposed to almost constant trade winds which blow side onshore from the left December to April (14-25 knots) and side onshore from the right June to September (12–20 knots). May is the least windy month. From the end of June to the end of October is a cyclonic period and the place can really rock at this time! September, October and November are well known for the quality of the waves and surf.

Students taking kitesurfing lessons are transported by boat from the center to one of several top spots around.

Independent kiters can also be brought to the specific new kitesurfing area that has been created on the spot of Galion Bay (Coralita). You will enjoy there a launch with sideshore wind, flat water first and the possibility to access the famous wave spot of the Galion. These shuttle transfers are organized twice a day (morning and afternoon) by the center at an extra fee and you can also store your equipment at the FBC St Martin center (packages available).

Should that not be enough, FBC St Martin gives you everything to become a true water addict by giving you the opportunity to try, on the flat and then in the waves, a true Hawaiian Canoe, for more shared adrenaline and tons of fun !

St. Martin is the perfect all round spot for families, kids, windsurfers, surfers; SUPers and kiters of all levels. It is very rare indeed on this planet that so many can be satisfied at the same time – but trust us – St. Martin does it all!


FBC St. Martin is proud to offer kitesurfing instruction by fully qualified team members. Kitesurfing lessons take place in one of the several nearby spots that offer ideal teaching conditions for beginners and unlimited flat water action combined to proper waves for the most experts. Courses can be booked directly with the local partner school (B52). No lessons are offered on the spot of the Galion where the center is located !