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Addicted to Ride, … but only with the best !

One of the cornerstones of Fanatic the Boarders Center lay in the superb equipment that you will find in all destinations, where quality matches quantity with the highest of standards. Each FBC destination is a privileged test center, your permanent quiver of the best suited shapes for all of the conditions you may experience during your holiday.

Coupled with this is the top service of professional staff, dedicated to giving you the best equipment combination, and the optimal trimming for an unforgettable time on the water.

Simply the best boards on the best spots !

At FBC, we have also since long realized that true addiction shows commitment.

And since we are on all our spots true addicted Boarders, one partner only could deliver us with the right toys (and all the toys!) to satisfy our passions for all board Sports: Fanatic

Besides being overall test winner on the international windsurfing scene since 2006 and having introduced the revolutionary and unbeatable CAD shaping technology, Fanatic is and has always been The company that shared our visions.

For 2015, the Fanatic line has been only partially refined – why change what does not need to be changed?! This means that all the wave and freestyle lovers will be delighted to know that the very much acclaimed Quad, TriWave, FreeWave and Skate lines do not change in shape. The incredible sensations and pleasure we had riding them in 2014 can also be guaranteed again for 2015, lucky us ?

A massive amount of work has been invested in the further development of the whole Freeride, Freemove, Freerace and Slalom segment. Since 2013, the Gecko concept has been seducing the crowds and winning all magazine tests. And what a concept : Wider and thinner, these boards basically plane like a board of 10 to 15 liters more, while offering a lot more maneuverability and carving potential - a dream come true for most of us ! The Gecko line is therefore exploding for 2015 with a total of 7 sizes ! (98, 105, 112, 120, 135, 146 and 156+). As a result, the Shark line disappears ... but have no fear: the main characteristics of ease of use, forgiveness and accessibility of the old Shark have been kept and re-implemented in the new bigger sizes of Geckos, so you will still have a very easy board under your feet, just with a lot more performance and less volume required than before (or a smaller sail for the same volume!) – isn’t life beautiful ?? Also completely revisited is the Hawk with 3 new sizes (99,113,and 124) and shapes that keep the speed and acceleration of last year’s model, but with even more maneuverability and jumping attitude, for a freeriding attitude without any limitations, at any spots on the planet ! Finally for the true speed freaks, Fanatic offers a full new range of Speed, Slalom, Freerace and Formula boards (Ray and Falcon). The beloved Ripper and Viper ranges remain unchanged for 2015 for the happiness of all centers and improvers of all age and size. To finish off, let us all welcome the arrival of the Viper Air, the dream Wind SUP developed to satisfy the needs and dreams of all, whether there is wind or not, for a never-ending addiction to what is certainly the most beautiful and incredible sport in the world.

As focused as ever on Boardriding, Fanatic has (again !!!) vastly extended its SUP range. SUP has simply taken the world by storm and the amount of new practices grows every day; from waves, to flat water, speed to touring and raids, downwinders to river surfing, WindSup to fitness, yoga and more ... the possibilities are limitless and Fanatic now has the ideal board for each type of user, each type of spot and practice you can conceive … well, that is until we find new ones !! For now, rejoice in a full range of rigid boards as well as inflatable boards that will blow your mind and make you reach a level of fitness and harmony with your direct environment that you have probably never experienced before.

Finally, an also bigger line of Surfboards will complete the list in order to guarantee you the ride of your life .... every day!

Endless pleasure, unique performance and optics, exceptional comfort and ease of use, with a board for everyone...

Welcome to the new age of Board Riding, as always only with the very best toys on the market.

It’s all there for the taking, and in all our FBC centers so see you soon on the water !

FBC: The official Fanatic Centers