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Addicted to Ride … but only with the best !

One of the cornerstones of Fanatic the Boarders Center lay in the superb equipment that you will find in all destinations, where quality matches quantity with the highest of standards. Each FBC destination is a privileged test center, your permanent quiver of the best suited shapes for all of the conditions you may experience during your holiday.

Coupled with this is the top service of professional staff, dedicated to giving you the best equipment combination, and the optimal trimming for an unforgettable time on the water.

Simply the best boards on the best spots !                                                                        

At FBC, we have also since long realized that true addiction shows commitment.

Since we are true addicted Boarders on all of our spots, one partner only could deliver us with the right toys (and all the toys) to satisfy our passion for most board sports: Fanatic.

Besides being overall test winner on the international windsurfing scene since 2006 and having introduced the revolutionary and unbeatable CAD shaping technology, Fanatic is and has always been THE company that shares our visions.

Fanatic has been at the front of the scene every single year and in all disciplines. Whether you are a wave addict, a freestyle junkie, a lover of speed and adrenaline rush, or simply enjoy long freeride runs and smooth easy carving, there is the perfect board for you. Not to forget all the newcomers of all ages who will find the best boards to learn, improve and fall in love forever with the sport. That is a promise !

Should the wind be to light, just jump onto one of our foils and ride until you drop J

Fanatic has a lot more to offer than “just” windsurfing and has been involved in the SUP scene since 2010, coming up with some of the most innovative shapes and concepts, both with hard and inflatable boards, for what is still the fastest growing water sport on the planet.

SUP has simply taken the world by storm and the amount of new practices grows every day, from waves to flat water, speed to touring and exploring, downwinders to river surfing, WindSup to fitness, yoga and more - the possibilities are limitless.

So once again, whether you’re an expert or have never stepped on a SUP, whether you choose a spot with flat water or waves, there will be a fantastic board waiting for you to increase not only your fitness but your time on the water and the unique joy you will experience during your holiday. Something that belongs to you and that no one can take away from you.

Last but not least, over the last couple of years, a new frenzy has established itself and brought another dimension to all our favourite sports: Foiling. Fanatic is of course active and creative in that field too and gives us all the opportunity to enjoy less-than-perfect conditions thanks to their extended range of Windsurfing Foilboards, but also a compact and super innovative range of SUP- and surf- foiling boards and dedicated foils. Make sure you don’t miss that new wave and stay wet and excited with us -  LIFE IS NOW !.

Welcome to the new age of Board Riding, as always only with the very best toys on the market. It’s all there for the taking, and in all our FBC centers ... so see you soon on the water !


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