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TOM BRENDT - Tom Brendt has been successfully running camps around the world for years now, and is not only a top level sailor and talented photographer, but also the trainer of Fanatic Pro Riders including World Champ Freestyler Gollito Estredo and Ladies Champ Freestyler Yoli De Brendt!

Tell us what your camps are all about?

Our Fanatic Windsurfing Camps should transmit all the fun of this sport - a week packed with knowledge, exercises and windsurfing training in great company, with good times together on and off of the water and lots of fun! During our camps everybody will improve their windsurfing level in a relaxed but progressive and very enjoyable week at some of the best windsurf spots worldwide.

Are the camps different at each spot?

We always try to choose the right spot for different levels. FBC Moulay, for example, is a wave sailing spot for a bit more experienced windsurfers who want to get into wave sailing or jumping. FBC Kos is more for the general windsurfer who is working on his carve jibes, waterstarts, or wants to have their first experience in freestyle, whilst at FBC Lanzarote we will split the three weeks for an even wider range of varying levels from getting into the harness and learning beach start to loops and advanced manoeuvres.

What can a person expect to get from your camps after a week of training?

Well, our goal is to train everybody individually to ensure they improve and simply have more fun on the water. This happens quite naturally, by wasting less energy during the water based sessions, so leading to much faster progress. Our camps provide a kind of around the clock service, with lots of time on the water, and also anything and everything about windsurfing, but also some time to relax and enjoy the spots and to clear the mind. We always try to combine fun and training, which for us is the most successful way to train and motivate. We also integrate other sports such as SUP and mountain biking, fitness and yoga and a lot more, every week being a bit different from the other.

What do you enjoy most about the camps you hold?

Actually I really enjoy to see the motivation of all our guests and to watch how they really progress. I also enjoy thinking about so many different exercises as people learn in different ways, and of course all the nice people we meet and the great times we spend together at some of the best windsurfing spots in the world

What do you like about working with the FBC centers?

I really like the professionalism of all the FBC centers. At all the centers windsurf addicted people do their best to make all their guests happy, and that´s what we also do with our camps, which is why I see it as a perfect combo. All the FBC centers provide exactly what I need to be able to make a perfect week for our guests.

What languages do you teach in?

We teach in German, English, Spanish and Italian..... and soon in French as well.... I guess that should cover most people!