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FBC Gran Canaria has so much to offer and for sure you will stay active, wet and happy in all circumstances. Besides surf boards, body boards and wave kayaks, the center has a full line of SUP boards in various technologies (hardboards and inflatables) on offer. So ... no need to worry about any lighter wind days, or to ever get bored! Widen your horizons, while at the same time increasing your fitness and enjoying the surrounding nature as never before. Or you might even enjoy a nice wave breaking perfectly just in front of the center. Remember: SUP rocks … and surfing rules !


You can learn the art of walking on water with us. Lessons (Introduction to SUP), rental and excursions at and around Bahia Feliz are offered all year long. LANGUAGES: Our courses are held in English, Spanish and Polish.


Get Wet SUP: 1 hr introduction lesson + 1 hour rental package

Lucky Rider: A super flexible package that provides you with a 10% discount on all prices (lessons, rentals, supervision) with an unprecedented day-to-day flexibility. You basically don´t have to decide how you will use your voucher in advance, you can spend it on rental and/or lessons, for windsurfing and SUP, while still enjoying a pre-booking discount.