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Windsurfing Gran Canaria


The wind is usually lighter in the morning and windsurfing conditions are easier for beginners. More action for advanced sailors comes around noon when the wind picks up. Inside the bay there are perfect conditions to practice beachstarts and waterstarts, or some first jibes. Around 600m further out you will find bigger swell from 0.5 to 1.5m for wave riding and jumping. On the left side of the bay there is a cape which forms a clean breaking wave on some days of the year, perfect for front side wave riding.

The wave conditions depend on the actual tide level. The breaking wave will have more power at high tide than at low tide, and the standing area is reduced at high tide. The FBC Team is always there to give you a helping hand and to provide useful advice about the spot, wind and wave conditions. There is a 60% to 70% probability of winds over 4 Bft from October to April. In the summer months (May to September) the trade wind is more consistent but is more northerly. When the wind blows around the island, Bahía Feliz is sheltered and only light winds reach the bay.

For that reason we offer our very popular daily high wind excursions to many top spots !

For many years our center has been organizing high wind excursions to the northern top spots of the island like Salinas de Arinaga or Burrero, which are situated near the famous World Cup spot of Pozo Izquierdo. We also offer more advanced excursions to pure wave spots such as Vargas, Ketchup or even Pozo, but only after having checked your level!

Salinas de Arinaga is a very universal spot for different levels. Protected by a windward tongue of land it offers flat water on the inside, wind chop in the medium section (easy to jump) and some long swells outside. Arinaga has a pebble beach, but further into the water the base is mostly sand. The wind is usually similar to Pozo or Vargas, but because of the flat inside area it is perfect to train water starts, first jibes or other maneuvers, along with lessons for wave sailing or jumping (depending on conditions and your level). As the wind is mostly very strong, water start and some experience in high wind surfing are essential (only short boards available). If you are not yet water starting, don´t worry ... with a few lessons success is guaranteed! Owing of the challenging conditions, every guest participates at his own risk, being responsible for his own safety, and the equipment.

Last but not least, there is so far no kitesurfing on offer at FBC Gran Canaria. The team is actively looking into this to find the best suitable spots so this might very well change in a near future !


Whether beginner or advanced courses, the FBC pro instructors are eager to use only the newest teaching concepts, with ongoing evaluation. Small groups with extensive support and individual feedback promise a fast progression, as well as safety and a lot of fun on the water. We cover all levels, from complete beginners and a basic introduction to windsurfing for active holidaymakers of any age. Also the young ones from the age of 8 years old can join the adventure with our special kids courses. They are designed to match the children’s needs, and with our special kids equipment we guarantee quick success thanks to its easy handling. However, we don´t stop there ... we offer you top instruction for all levels with intermediate lessons for those who already completed a beginner lesson, or you can join one of our advanced to expert lessons, from waterstarting to the art of jumping and riding waves, which is also a must on Gran Canaria! The courses content is mainly orientated towards the level of the participants and the wind conditions.


LANGUAGES: Our courses are held in English, Spanish and Polish.


LUCKY RIDER: A super flexible package that provides you with a 10% discount on all prices (lessons, rentals, supervision) with an unprecedented day-to-day flexibility. You basically don´t have to decide how you will use your voucher in advance, you can spend it on rental and/or lessons, for windsurfing and SUP, while still enjoying a pre-booking discount