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Lanzarote is also a wave machine that will delight surfers and SUP amateurs of all ages, levels and aspirations ! Beach breaks, reef breaks, top European waves, location of the world cup competition ... Lanzarote is without any doubt an incomparable surfing paradise. Literally surrounded by wave spots, the coasts of Lanzarote offer a great diversity of long sandy beaches and perfect surfing opportunities.

Sometimes a small wave breaks just off of the beach at the center, allowing entry level and intermediate surfers to also have a blast close to home - but for a real taste of surfing and whatever your level is, join the professionals at Volcano Surf and hit the different spots around the island! Experts will not be disappointed either !

Should that not be enough, FBC Lanzarote gives you everything to become a true water addict by giving you the opportunity to try, on the flat and then in the waves, a true Hawaiian Canoe, for more shared adrenaline and tons of fun!


Volcano Surf is situated right next to FBC Lanzarote. Sebastien Hugon is the Owner/Manager and has a totally positive energy and contagious manner. He and his highly motivated, professional and experienced team of surf instructors guarantee everybody an amazing surfing experience in a great atmosphere. Surfing and SUP are more than just a sport ... more than learning how to stand on a board. Surfing is a spirit that Volcano Surf would love you to discover with them.

LANGUAGES: Courses are held in English, French, Spanish and (basic) German.