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Windsurfing Lanzarote


FBC Lanzarote is located at Las Cucharas (Costa Teguise), right at the heart of the island's local windsurfing and surfing scene. The main center is 150m away from the water, in the middle of the crescent-shaped pure sandy bay of Las Cucharas, and safely surrounded by beach and shore on all sides. The second Watersports center (focusing more on SUP, Hawaii Canoe, Catamaran, Kayaks, body boards, skim boards and lessons) is close to the left end of the bay. Both cater for the individual needs of each guest, according to their level or sport of choice, and both centers are within easy walking distance one from the other.

The conditions are simply fantastic. The steady trade winds blow side-shore from the left and are most consistent during the summer (April-September), blowing regularly from 4-6 bft. During the winter the wind is more changeable and can vary in speed. The swell comes in at this time and transforms the island and her spots. The bay is sheltered by jetties and so an ideal area for beginners. Outside there is a shallow reef to the left where waves can easily reach 2-3 metres. Wave freaks and freeriders really are in for a treat.

A moderate shore break sometimes comes through to the beach in which case a team member is there to help you launch or return. The wind increases in strength the further out you sail. Right off of the beach there is a wind shadow in the first 100meters of the spot which offers perfect teaching windsurfing conditions for entry levels, with light winds and flat water. Further inside the bay in the main (high) wind area, the conditions are flat water and bump & jump, turning into open sea after approx. 500 meters. Perfect for freeriders and freestylers.

A wooden platform is set in the bay between the lighter wind teaching area and the high wind area, allowing people to attach their boards, have a rest and enjoy the action without sailing back to the shore.

The true magic of the place resides in its well known wave spot for all eager windsurfing addicts. The riding conditions are ideal - lots of space between the waves, always the possibility to exit the waves safely, and a wave that can get big, but breaks really nicely but has little power. Truly the ideal spot for people eager to sail in (easy) waves of good size, the main reef is perfect for (backside) riding as much as for jumping! The reform on the inner reef is smaller but good for front side turns and learning wave moves.

Next door to the center, a little café (Poco Loco) serves fresh local food everyday for great value, drinks, and free wi-fi. A must that becomes very easily addictive ! Kitesurfing is not on offer in the bay of Las Cucharas (and you will not see any private kiters either), but there are a few spots close by and around the island where experienced kiters will have a fantastic time.


Everybody can learn practically everything at FBC Lanzarote. Thanks to the conditions on offer a beginner can be going through their first steps, whilst someone outside could be mastering their jumping or wave riding. The longer you stay, the more you learn!

Owing to the crescent shape of the bay and the wind direction (creating a slight wind shadow in the first 100m from the beach), windsurfing beginners are completely safe and can learn on flat calm water. Further out the wind speed increases and is great for speed sailing, freeriding and stance work. The gentle waves on the outer reef are absolutely perfect for first time wave riders and learning jumping techniques, with a safe exit and nice spacing between the waves. However, these waves can get quite big - so be prepared for an unforgettable thrill (in the safe hands of your instructor!)

FBC Lanzarote is indeed hot on safety! There are permanent lifeguards located at the beach (themselves addicted windsurfers), and the panoramic view of the spot from the center roof ensures that you can sail in comfort and safe in the knowledge that you are always being watched! As well as this, the 2 rescue boats are on the water and ready to go at all times.

LANGUAGES: Courses are held in English, French, Spanish and (basic) German


- Special beginner and intermediate courses including free sailing sessions under supervision.

- Special Kids Course (8 to 12 years old) with specifically adapted training boards (120 to 160 liters with center fin) and super light sails (1m² to 3m²)

- Besides advanced lessons on short boards, you can also enjoy a unique coaching programme. Developed to be as flexible and efficient as possible, it is a structured system where you rent a board for your holidays and first receive discussions and tips on advanced maneuvers you want to master. You also get daily exercise programs using simulators and various aids and you are observed while you are out sailing. You receive a truly personal analysis and real time feedback throughout the day, without being blocked by the schedule of a course of set hours ... and you simply won’t believe how much you improve, without being under any time pressure: A must.