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Windsurfing Marsa Alam


Almost the whole coastline is surrounded by a reef belt, except in front of the centre. At FBC Marsa Alam, a great windsurfing spot with constant sideshore wind from the left awaits you. A lagoon with shallow water offers ideal conditions for windsurfing beginner courses, and of course intermediates and experts also get their money’s worth!

The launching area is in a big shallow water lagoon. As soon as you sail out of this lagoon, moderate waves invite you to jump and play. The height of the waves depends on the wind strength, but they are always easy and safe. On your way back to the lagoon you can really plane through all maneuvers, for the best ever diversity and the joy of all Boarders. The wind blows very consistently from the north, often you have 5 Bft already in the morning, thus maximising the effective wind hours you can spend on your board.

Teaching can take place in any tidal conditions as the lagoon always has enough water. The lagoon offers perfect conditions for learning and improving, this regardless of your age: 7 to 107 welcome !

For safety reasons and due to the National Park regulations and the need to protect the natural wild life, kitesurfing is not offered at this spot.


We offer progressive Windsurfing Starter Training at FBC Marsa Alam. Everybody is welcome to try out and discover windsurfing with the latest, lightest and most adapted equipment !

Safe windsurfing in a shallow bay, especially for beginners, with no waves and in small groups, is a dream come true. Marsa Alam is also a suitable spot for kids & youngster training. It is always a privilege to introduce young people to such a great sport and we take pride in providing the best quality in both tuition and material (with a good dose of fun) in our kids lessons. There is a big choice of kids equipment at the center in a separate kid's corner.

Whatever our level, we all have dreams and our secret objectives that one next step, that one maneuver to finally master. So yes, we all need lessons and at FBC Marsa Alam, you will be well taken very good care of !

Choose from our Refresher Windsurfing Training, Advanced Training (held in small groups), Semi-Private or Private Training. You can learn everything from beach start to advanced freestyle manoeuvres. Constant warm wind and clear water make the learning process fast and your Addiction to Ride will just keep growing, for a lifetime of pleasure and unique sensations.

All lesson times will be arranged depending on the wind forecast to get the best conditions for YOU!

LANGUAGES: Courses in English, German, Italian and Russian