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If you do it, do it right ! We are of course going to give you the BEST man for the job to progress you to strapless kiting, or to boost your already existing level to new heights (along with your tricks and jumps). Matchu Lopes Almeida, NKB / ION Pro Rider, will be the man at your side for this unforgettable kitesurfing experience.


Only  24 years old and already a kitesurfing icon. A natural born boarder who speaks multi languages. A pure riding machine with endless energy and motivation that is totally contagious. Inspirational with his creativity and his flow, and dominating in contests around the world. Running extremely popular camps all over the world, and super impressive with his pedagogy and teaching skills, his understanding of everyone’s unique potential and way of thinking. A fun and relaxed guy.

Matchu speaks English, Spanish, Italian, French and Portuguese and will drill all of the right habits into you while sharing his unique insights into what kitesurfing truly is.

More info about Matchu: HERE