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Dahab is not one of the most famous windsurfing spots in the world without any reason. The diversity of the spot, or shall we say of the 4 spots, is the guarantee for some unforgettable sessions, whatever your level. The scenery and surroundings are simply breathtaking, the turquoise of the water contrasting with the red shades of the mountains and the white sand. As for the wind, it basically blows all year long, reaching its strongest during the summer months.

Located in South Sinai, Dahab will give you a taste of what the true and majestic beauty of the Egyptian desert means, an authentic Bedouin country that was already famous in the sixties for its unique atmosphere, its tolerance, spirit and magic… and this has not changed since then.

Considering the short flight time and the reasonably short transfer time from Sharm El Sheikh airport, it is really great value for money. You will also enjoy the nearby small town of Masbat and its unique flair, plus there is plenty more to do besides windsurfing and SUP, whether on land or under the water!

It can get pretty hot during the summer, but it is definitely a fantastic destination to visit, especially in spring and autumn… and you know that you will for sure record a serious amount of fun-filled hours on the water, and under the sun!

Kitesurfing is not offered by the center but private kiters of a good level can kite further down the bay towards the Oasis, next to the Eldorado Lodge. There you will find a small beach suitable for launching and, after 70 meters of shallow water protected by the reef, you will directly reach the open sea with swell or chops depending on the strength of the wind. 200 meters upwind , there is a huge flat water lagoon protected from the waves, which is suitable for kitesurf beginners.



Quad Bike tour in the wadis.

Snorkelling and Diving discovering the world renowned Blue Hole

Shopping, Eating and Chilling in the unique bedouin village of Masbat

Visit the Monastery of St Catherine

Surf Safari to Blue Lagoon

Bedouin Dinner in the mountains under the stars