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Windsurfing Dahab


FBC Dahab is very special as it offers four spots in one: The “lagoon” is a protected bay with a shallow water area and small chops. A top spot for intermediates and freestyle freaks, and an ideal practice spot for beginners and experts alike. Directly into the lagoon, the first few meters in front of the center are a bit gusty as the wind blows offshore.

Leaving the protected lagoon, you will reach the “Speedy” - a perfect flat water area for advanced windsurfers. Some areas close to the beach are very shallow so be aware of any blocks of coral !. The wind blows constantly and is a bit stronger than inside the lagoon (up to 2 bft. more).

A little further upwind you will arrive at the infamous “Baby Bay” area, where flat water blasting, freestyle and an accessible beach for a rest present an attractive option. A Rest & Rescue Island offers you the possibility to take a break or to call for help if necessary in Speedy.

The last spot is behind the Napoleon Reef and suitable for wave freaks. The rolling swell is up to three metres high (no breaking wave) and comes from a perfect direction, thus creating fantastic jumping conditions. VHF waterproof radios can be provided on request at the centre, enhancing safety links back to the beach.

The wind at the FBC Dahab center in the lagoon blows cross-offshore to offshore and is strong all year long. 

Kitesurfing is not offered by the center but private kiters of a good level can kite further down the bay towards the Oasis, next to the Eldorado Lodge. There you will find a small beach suitable for launching and, after 70 meters of shallow water protected by the reef, you will directly reach the open sea with swell or chops depending on the strength of the wind. 200 meters upwind , there is a huge flat water lagoon protected from the waves, which is suitable for kitesurf beginners.


With its diversity of conditions and spots, FBC Dahab has the perfect playground to offer everyone, from complete beginners to the most advanced freeriders, freestylers or jumping addicts, without of course forgetting children who will love the flat water and lighter winds of early morning or late afternoon.

Add to this the best adapted equipment (including special children boards and rigs), some super experienced and passionate certified instructors, a dedicated safety service all over the spot and a wind that rarely fails to blow, you have the perfect recipe for guaranteed success and a very fast learning curve!

Lessons are available in group courses with a maximum of 6 students, semi-private lessons with 2 students and private one-to-one lessons.

Our team will also be happy to get you to discover the basic techniques and skills required to enjoy fully your first SUP experience. Free of charge!

LANGUAGES - Courses are held by an international team of qualified instructors in English, Arabic, Russian & French.

SPECIALS - One hour private windsurfing instruction with video clinic AND 3 hours of rental practice after the lesson for only €70!