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The Spots

FBC Fuerteventura takes their surfing & SUPing very seriously and understands that it is an exciting sport available to all ages and levels. Fuerte has really great surf spots on the island and the center has 4x4 Landrovers to take you to those “off the beaten track” breaks and make sure that you are at the spots which are working the best on any particular day. Here’s an overview of the spots on offer……

  • GLASS BEACH (sand) - Summer venue only (Apr-Aug). Wave is short, steep and the rip is strong, although generally it is known as a pretty easy venue.
  • ROCKY POINT (rocks) - Situated within Corralejo & one of the more popular locations due to its easy access. Waves are long with a right & left hander & fairly slow. Launching is from the small beach or a stroll across the rocks on the point. For surfers the right can be very good becoming hollow & fast at medium / low tide. The left tends to be more suited to beginners when it’s small. Whatever the conditions Rocky Point is a long paddle & can become crowded very quickly.
  • SHOOTING GALLERY (rocks) - The first stop on the Northtrack. Here there are 2 breaks: 1. The inside break is across the rocky ledge which is shallow at low tide. This is a fast and hollow wave. 2. The outer break breaks in deep water and backs off quickly leaving an easy shoulder. Launching is difficult and is best done on the edge to the right of the ledge. Stay upwind as the rip pulls to the right.
  • HIERRO (rocks) - Situated approx. 1.5 km along the N. Track from Majanicho- A white sandy beach & abandoned vans let you know where you are. There is a right and a left here; optimum conditions are found with a N or NW swell of any size & a S wind. The right has some good waves but the left although not as tubey is still excellent providing good walls for manoeuvres and giving fun rides even when small. Can get crowded.

SUP & SURF Instruction

Surf & SUP instruction to the ISA standard (International Surfing Association) is offered, and transport is arranged in order to take advantage of the best conditions available on any day.

A full range of courses is on offer from beginner to advanced with fully qualified instructors who also hold life saving and first aid certificates. Courses contain no more than 8 students and include equipment, safety cover and transportation.


LANGUAGES: Courses are held by an International Team of qualified instructors in English, German, French and Spanish.

SPECIAL PACKAGES: Various special instruction packages are available including equipment, transfers, safety and lunch. Please contact your Tour Operator for further details.