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Wingfoil Fuerteventura

The Spots

FBC Fuerteventura is at the northern tip of the island on a huge stretch of Natural Reserve sandy beach, with dunes to the rear, and looking out towards Isla de Lobos and facing Lanzarote.

The wind at FBC Fuerteventura blows side shore from the left and increases through the day. The best wingfoiling is to be had between May and August when the remains of the winter swells have died down giving way to flat water/chop riding conditions. The bay is large and open with an unlimited outer riding area and is protected by reefs at both ends. 200m offshore there is a deep water reef forming nice waves, there are some reefs closer in as well, but these can be sailed over. There can be some shore break, and in the spring low tide the shoreline can become quite rocky. There is a sand launch area between two shallow reefs in front of the center. The conditions in March/April are wavier with the remains of the winter swells caused by depressions in the Atlantic. The wind is more unpredictable in the winter as trade winds move further south, but this is when the best waves can be enjoyed.

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FBC Fuerteventura is proud to offer windsurfing, kitesurfing, SUP, surfing and of course wingfoiling instruction by fully qualified team members. The equipment on offer, the conditions to be found, and the transport available means that you will be taught in optimum learning conditions.

Want to learn a new sport? FBC Fuerteventura got you covered with two courses: A two-hour course, suitable for those with no prior water sports skills, and 1-4 day course which teaches you about the wind, how to ride a foil, and how to combine foil and wing.

Of course, already more experienced riders can also improve their skills with intermediate and advanced courses. To ensure the best learning conditions, wingfoiling instruction is sometimes done from a boat with no more than 2 students to one instructor.