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FBC Grenadines is THE dream-come-true for any and every kitesurfer. Just imagine: Sailing in total luxury in one of the most beautiful parts of our blue planet, letting yourself be pampered by a dedicated crew of addicted kiters themselves and riding the very best spots of the day, with tons of space around you, perfect constant wind and breathtaking surroundings.

Not to mention the connection with nature and the inner peace one only experiences when living aboard a sailing boat … and not just any kind of boat ! Imagine life on a fully equipped 47 foot sailing catamaran especially designed for kite surfaris, which doubles as an official mobile NKB test center throughout the south eastern Caribbean, with plenty of the very latest equipment for you to test !

Most importantly, this is not a product reserved exclusively for expert kiters, and any level will learn and improve at an impressive speed (professional instructor on board), while the whole family will have the time of their lives during the duration of this unique adventure.

Join FBC Grenadines and get ready to be blown away ... not just by the spots you will ride and the exceptional conditions you will gorge yourself on, but also by the comfort you will enjoy onboard, the new experiences you will make, the landscapes and incredibly friendly local people that await you … and all the crazy unforgettable things that always happen on such a trip!

Not just a trip, a journey in the turquoise waters of the Grenadines and a journey into yourself that will change you forever.

The best season to come and kitesurf in the Grenadines is from December until the end of June. Due to the variety of spots covered by FBC Grenadines, the following data is an average for the whole area.

Wind Season - 1st of December to 30th of June - 90% - 18 – 25+ knots

Medium Wind Season - 1st of July to 15th of August - 60% - 15 – 18 knots

Low Wind Season - 15th of August to 15th of November - 30% - 10-15 knots

Medium wind Season - 15th of November to 1st of December - 50% - 15 – 18 knots

Although the weather is great all year round, the high season runs from December through to July and is defined by its constant trade winds which average over force 4 Bft. around 85% to 90% of the time.

Average temperatures are 24 degrees for the land and 26 degrees for the sea. Just perfect for kitesurfing.