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Wingfoil Grenadines

The Spots

The Grenadines is the most southern part of the Caribbean islands, and benefits from truly exceptional wind conditions. As for the many wingfoil spots you will get to ride, they are also just p-e-r-f-e-c-t. Perfectly flat water is to be found in spots such as Union Island for beginners and intermediate riders in magnificent surroundings. Mayreau will give you a protected lagoon opening to the ocean with nice little waves to jump and ride on the outer reef. The Tobago Keyes are also an absolute top freeride spot. The choices are plenty and will satisfy any and all aspirations and needs, including complete beginners. Better still, being on a boat does not only mean that you can pick the best spot daily, but it also guarantees some sick wingfoil downwinders between islands, while the catamaran sails alone and always with the dinghy at the ready should you need assistance.

Generally, the wind is medium to strong (12 to 20 knots) throughout the season (European winter), and you will be using a wide variety of wing sizes. You can expect super constant wind which makes life even better.

You will rarely launch directly from the boat, and most of the time the crew takes you to a beach right where the conditions are pumping. Some launching areas are quite small with tall trees close by, and the wind there often blows onshore (hence super constant!), but there again, there is always someone around to give you a hand and the right advice.

There are several highlights during a week on a FBC Grenadines Kite Safari, but one of them is certainly Union Island, which offers two of the best spots, namely Frigate where most lessons take place, and the spot situated right in front of the fantastic Jeremie Tronet Pro Center. A protected lagoon, standing area, perfectly flat water, impeccable wind patterns, and if that´s not enough, the center is super chilled and cozy and has a great atmosphere too! Try the Pina Colada while making the best of the free wifi connection. Just next to it is the infamous Happy Island that has been shown on so many videos and where yes, you can enjoy a drink straight from the sea ... with your wing in your hand and your feet in the water.

The list is long, but more incredible experiences, landscapes and magic sessions await you, and only your energy levels will decide when you stop and drop.


For those wishing to learn the sport or develop new skills FBC Grenadines has a fully equipped wingfoiling school on board. With the latest DUOTONE equipment and a qualified instructor, you will progress like you never could dream of: Your level will basically sky rocket!

Lessons take place in uncrowded spots with a safety boat under close supervision so your instructor is always at your side for real-time feedback. During a cruise we’re able to teach all levels of wingfoiling from beginner to intermediate. You can choose between several lesson packages and combinations either organised as a shared lesson with another student, or private tuition.

Supervision: All intermediate riding guests are constantly supervised for maximum safety and our rescue boat is close by. Whatever your level our instructor is at hand to answer questions and analyse technical problems.

Advanced/Video: We also offer video coaching for the more advanced riders, and generally for those looking to perfect their techniques. Sessions are recorded on camera during the day and you then sit down and watch the replay on the boats big screen at the end of the day. With a few tips from our instructor it is easy to get you where you want to go and master that move you were dreaming of.