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Travel Info

Please note that this info might differ depending on where you come from, which island(s) you land on, visit and depart from (visa, vaccinations, currency, transfer time to harbor etc). Please refer to your Tour Operator for the info related to YOUR dream Kite surfari vacation !!


Notes: FBC Grenadines offers possible departures from Martinique / St Lucia / Grenada

  • ENTRY REQUIREMENTS – Passport valid +6 months beyond departure and onward or return ticket required for all entries. Please check the entry/visa requirements for your destination at the appropriate consulate or embassy in your country and do this as well in advance of your travel date.
  • TIME DIFFERENCE – CET – 5 in winter and -6 in summer
  • ELECTRICITY – 220-240 volts BUT English or American plugs so don’t forget to take an adaptor for each !
  • INTERNET – Available on board and in most of the islands visited
  • CLIMATE/CLOTHING – Warm tropical climate, sometimes a bit humid (low season)
  • HEALTH REGULATIONS – No vaccination compulsory for EU members. Please consult your physician for individual health requirements or precautions. Bring insect repellent and some good sunblock !
  • CURRENCY/MODE OF PAYMENT - Official currency in the Grenadines is the EC Dollar (eastern Caribbean Dollar: EC$ or XCD) which you can change upon arrival at the airport. Generally all over the Caribbean, US Dollars are widely accepted so take enough with you as few are the businesses where you can pay with credit card. You will find cash dispensers on most islands you will visit, but these are regularly empty or out of order.