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FBC Kos Kite

Kos is the third largest of the Dodecanese Islands after Rhodes and Karpathos. It is long (about 45km) and narrow in shape, mostly flat with two low mountains that run along its southern coast. The natural beauty of Kos and its landscape is fantastic for hiking and mountain biking. The relatively flat surface of the island has made the bicycle an incredibly popular form of transportation and a fantastic way of discovering the hidden beauties of Kos, with dedicated cycle lanes running all over the island.

FBC Kos Kite is situated on the beach in front of the Horizon Beach Resort (Mastichari) on the north west coast of Kos Island. This area is called Mastichari and it is well known for its Meltemi, the strong north/northwest wind which blows on shore from the right, almost every day during the summer season.and from side shore from the left (thermical) in the afternoon. FBC Kos is perfectly positioned, only 10 km from the airport and 15 km to Kos city. Last but not least, it is a truly beloved place by its numerous repeater guests of all ages, in a great atmosphere and plenty for everyone to enjoy. 

Kos Island really has something for everyone, not only windsurfing and kitesurfing! It is swept by magnificent sandy beaches and has some of the most interesting archeological sites in the Mediterranean. The city is alive day and night with shops, tavernas, bars and a new modern marina. The famous Bar Street can keep you partying into sunrise, or for a more relaxing night take a trip to the local Thermal Springs where you can bathe in healing volcanic waters under the stars. The only question is will you have enough time off of the water to fit it all in?!!


Tam Tam Beach Bar – Great food, cocktails, yoga center ... all with a sea view. Should not be missed!

Therma Springs – Bathe in the hot volcanic healing waters

Asclepion – Culture, stunning views and peaceful energy

Kefalos – The picturesque bay and hilltop village on the southwest of the island

Kalymnos Island – The neighbouring rock climbers island also famous for its sponge diving community

Bodrum, Turkey - 45 minutes by boat for a shopping paradise