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the boarders center


Last but not least should you get bored or the wind eases up too much to your taste, you will find some SUP boards at the center to explore the coastline, or to have fun in the small friendly waves in front of the center.

Greece is famous for beautiful clear waters and Kos is no exception. You can get some great paddling sessions alongside the coast, discover the sea floor and its life, benefit from a great work out and a highly satisfying experience in close contact with nature, alone or with the whole family... knowing that there is always a little taverna or a beach bar not too far for a refreshing break. It´s all about the holidays right ?

FBC Kos Kite offer a 2 hour SUP package which includes 1 hour instruction and 1 hour rental. The team will be more happy to share tips with you and share some good paddling at the center -  sunset on the water being an absolute classic experience to be had.