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Travel Info

  • CAPITAL – Kos Town
  • SIZE – 295 sq. km
  • POPULATION – 30,000
  • ENTRY REQUIREMENTS – please check the entry/visa requirements for your destination at the appropriate consulate or embassy in your country and do this as well in advance of your travel date.
  • LANGUAGE – The official language is Greek. Most of the staff working in the hotels or restaurants can speak English and German
  • ELECTRICITY – 220 volts
  • TELEPHONE – The dialing code for Greece is 0030, for Kos 22420
  • CLIMATE/CLOTHING – Mediterranean climate. The Meltemi can be cool in the evening so take a hoody.
  • HEALTH REGULATIONS – No immunization required.
  • TRANSFER – The transfer from the airport to Kos takes about 40 minutes.
  • RENTAL CARS & TRANSPORT – Very good bus service. Car rent per day is approx. €40.



My first info trip since I’ve been working with Fanatic the Boarders Center brought me to the beautiful Dodecanese Island of Kos. Initially only planned to be a short visit over the weekend, it ended up as a relaxing week-long kite trip where I met many passionate watersports lovers and above all really nice people, whom I hope to see again very soon.
On my arrival day Spiros, the owner of the FBC center in Psalidi where I would spend most of my time during this week, picked me up from the airport. The drive from the airport to Psalidi was really nice. The road was lined with many different types of colorful flowers and the air smelled pleasantly from Mediterranean herbs and plants which are growing all over the island.

Before dropping me off at my first accommodation he showed me the kitesurf and the windsurf spots. At the centre the team were at the beach discussing the day, and they immediately invited me over and handed me a cold beer which was exactly the right treat after a day full of travelling! I felt immediately welcome and had a quick chat with everybody, although I didn’t manage to remember all the different names until a day or two later!
The first three nights of my stay I was in the Andromeda Apartments. The renovated studios and apartments are equipped with everything you’d need when you don’t want to go to restaurants all the time, or are not a fan of All Inclusive hotels. The whole facility is well maintained and very green. From the spacious terrace where you can enjoy a rich breakfast (many of the jams and pastries are homemade) in the morning or have a drink in the evening where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the sea and the Turkish coast on the other side of the channel.
After my stay at Andromeda I was invited by Marlies to stay in a cozy apartment at her place which is called Seagull Apartments. She is a lovely German lady who once moved to the island after she met her Greek husband during a holiday on Kos. Compared to the facilities at Andromeda, Marliese’s place is smaller and a little more “basic” if you want to call it like that. I prefer calling it cozy! Nevertheless the rooms and pool area are equipped with everything you might need and if there is something missing or you have a problem/question then Marlies is always there to help and give tips and information. Most of the guests there have breakfast around the same time in the nice patio so you get to know each other really quickly. Many of them you meet again at the kite or windsurf spot later on and hence you have a very family like atmosphere at Seagull Apartments.
As I already wrote earlier, I spent most of my time at the kite spot which is not far from the windsurf center. Since it is located in a small natural reserve there is not a lot of infrastructure there compared to the bigger windsurfing center which is located right next to the Natura Park Hotel. Though the beach at the spot might not be the right choice for sun-worshippers and people who want the feel the sand between their toes, it offers perfect conditions for watersport lovers. There are not many “other” people around and so you have more than enough space to practice and enjoy the strong wind which is blows through the channel between Greece and Turkey, making Psalidi to the spot with the highest wind security on the island.
When I wasn’t checking out the nearby hotels or driving around the island I had kite lessons with Daniel, one of the three kite instructors. I’m still a beginner and to this day I had only had a couple of lessons in a nice flat-water lagoon in Egypt. Hence, I was eager to continue and improve myself. At first, I was a bit intimidated by the deep and compared to Egypt “wavy” water but Daniel was a great teacher and it didn’t take long until I felt comfortable in the big blue (yes, I still spend more time in than on the water). With Daniel´s help I improved a lot during these couple of days. And thinking back about the course and the spot now I’m happy that I could practice at a place which might not have the perfect conditions for beginners at the first glance, but teaches you more about kite control than any lake like lagoon ever could.
When I wasn’t practicing my kiting, I explored the beautiful beaches and historic sites of the island which are really worth seeing. Though Kos is not unknown to tourists from all over the world you can still find remote sandy beaches which you don’t have to share with anyone else! One afternoon we did a SUP tour to the thermal baths a bit further down the coast. Though it was a little bit of work when we reached the point of the way when you have to paddle more upwind than downwind, the pretty view and the hot pool where the spring flows right out of the mountain more than compensates for the effort.
I spent one or two evenings in the gorgeous old town of Kos Town with it’s beautiful harbor area and many small restaurants and shops. Since it is so close by to Psalidi you could easily go there every night, stroll around and watch people if you wanted to. The other night the team from the surf center organized a delicious barbecue at the station for all the guests and friends around. While enjoying an amazing mix of many different Greek and Turkish influenced dishes, guests and team alike were chatting until late that night.
Time flew by and my departure day arrived sooner than I might have liked, though some “cold” German weather seemed appealing after the heat wave with up to 45 degrees the Mediterranean area was hit by during my visit. But no worries, at the beach it never felt nearly as hot!

From my experience, I can really recommend Kos for everyone who is looking for a place with great conditions for beginner and intermediate kitesurfers and windsurfers alike, as well as for people who also want to enjoy good food, nice beaches and some cultural activities. As far as I am concerned, I can say that I will definitely come back to this beautiful small island Greek island!