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A lot has been said about Morocco, and it is no surprise really for a country with such an impressive history, fine art, and a cultural influence spreading all over the Arabic world, African continent, and Southern Europe. Her stunning landscapes, from the mountainous and snowy Atlas, to the effervescent Marrakech with its’ thousands of kilometres of fine sandy coastline and staggering dunes, will make you feel like the Petit Prince!

Essaouira – formerly known as Mogador - will enchant you with historical fortifications, a busy and traditional fishing harbour, fine architecture, souks, and the wonderful Médina (Old town). Hundreds of winding little paths and covered streets, hidden boutiques full of hand-made local arts, crafts and jewellery and always the spontaneous good humoured welcome of the locals and their compulsory “Thé à la menthe” (fresh mint tea) - a must at all hours of day or night. A vivid collection of colours, smells, tastes, sights and sounds will meet you at each step and time will quickly lose meaning as you surrender to the utmost pleasure of all your senses.

Moulay is a worldwide famous wave spot only 25km away and you will feel on another planet entirely, in close connection with the nature and the simplicity of this little Bedouin fisherman village that has to offer you what are surely the best waves of the whole (very) wide Europe. Which is why FBC Moulay is located just there where the best action is to be found!

A trip to Morocco will see you coming back elated, enriched and changed forever. Morocco is a land of tolerance and beauty, and she will make your wildest dreams of evasion and comfort come true.


  • Visit a Hamman – Let off some steam (and a layer of skin) with a rub down followed by an essential oil massage. No better way on earth to recover from and enjoy the aftermaths of a hard core session on the water.
  • Souks – the bustling souks will keep you fascinated for hours, and negotiating over mint tea is a great way to spend some time. A true paradise for all shoppers seeking authenticity and hand-made local crafts.
  • Gnawa International Music Festival – the famous music festival held in Essaouira at the end of June, attracting more and more celebrities and public every year!
  • Essaouira – the town is a must see with the historical fortification, busy traditional fishing harbour, souk and wonderful Medina (Old Town)
  • Camel Trekking – through the dunes and around the old broken Fort towards Cap Sim.