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Windsurfing Moulay


The world famous wave spot 25km north of Essaouira, Moulay Bouzerktoun, is THE place to be if you want to learn and become a master at how to windsurf in waves, surf and jump, in a safe yet radical looking environment. Or measure yourself against some of the best in the world in that discipline ! What is sure is that your love for waves will only keep growing from there on.

The wind blows side shore from the right, the summer months (June - August) mean very strong wind and smaller waves, and in the Spring and Autumn the swell is bigger but the wind lighter – averaging 4-6 beaufort “only”. The day starts with light wind and then picks up through the day peaking around 2-3pm.

This is a spot for intermediates, advanced and pros windsurfers alike, with (sometimes very) strong winds and waves of all sizes (2m-5m in winter – less in summer) with a sandy rescue beach downwind should you break and drift.

The additional magic of the place is that the conditions usually look (a lot) more radical than they actually really are, the wave is beautiful and offers enough power but one always feels safe. The launch might be stony but if there is a little bit of shorebreak, it has very little power. In other words, you will end up riding in conditions that will look impressive on photos while gaining great confidence whatever your level is and pushing your limits without fear !

Moulay should be on the must-visit list of all wave sailors as it's the only reef break within short-haul travelling distance that is open to Atlantic groundswells and has a reliable thermal real side-shore wind. Plus it's starboard tack! (wind from the right)

It’s a fantastic spot – you, nature, like minded windsurfers, friendly locals and unforgettable sessions !

Kitesurfing is not offered by the center but private kiters of good level can sometimes been seen in the downwind part of the spot which features a wider partly sandy beach with no reefs or rocks on the beach (also called “Rescue Beach”)… and still a very nice long peeling wave to shred.


FBC Moulay offers windsurfing instruction by fully qualified team members. Bruno the owner knows the spots and his sport extremely well and will ensure that you are taught in the best conditions for your level, always bringing you out on the water at the right time for a great session. One on one video coaching is a must!


Courses are held by an International Team of qualified instructors in English, French, Spanish and Arabic.

SPECIALS: Gold Lessons (windsurf) – 1 on 1 instruction with a top level instructor including video coaching, all equipment. (If lessons cannot be completed owing to poor conditions then alternative activities will be proposed).