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The world famous wave spot 25km north of Essaouira, Moulay Bouzerktoun, is THE place to be if you want to get into and become totally hooked to surfing or SUP… or turn into a real pro !

It would actually be a total shame not to make of surfing and SUP an absolute priority in your daily schedule !  Try it once and you will realize there are simply not many better ways to start your day on this planet ! You can basically be sure to start everyday with a very nice session on your SUP or on your surfboard and whet your appetite for waves even more.

The conditions are exceptional to learn and practice in the morning but also sometimes late afternoon. Your level will decide of the time of the tide that is best for you and which part of the spot you will use as your training ground for some exhilarating rides without any danger… and always tons of space around you. In the middle of the day, the wind is usually too strong to ride comfortably.

This is a great spot with long and slightly hollow waves breaking on a reef about 500m off shore and then once again at the beach. The main break is a right but you can also get lucky and ride a shorter left further upwind in front of the cliffs. The waves can be very large in the winter (2m-5m, less in summer) but you always have plenty of water under your board at the peak and a sandy rescue beach downwind should you drift.

The additional magic of the place is that the conditions usually look (a lot) more radical than they actually really are, the wave is beautiful and offers enough power but one always feels safe. The launch might be stony but if there is a little bit of shorebreak, it has very little power and the current, while real, will never put you in danger. In other words, you will end up riding in conditions that will look impressive on photos while gaining great confidence whatever your level is and pushing your limits without fear !

Moulay should be on the must-visit list of all wave lovers as it's a fantastic reef break within short-haul travelling distance that is open to Atlantic groundswells.

It’s a fantastic spot – you, nature, like minded surfers, friendly locals and unforgettable sessions ! 

Kitesurfing is not offered by the center but private kiters of good level can sometimes been seen in the downwind part of the spot which features a wider partly sandy beach with no reefs or rocks on the beach (also called “Rescue Beach”)… and still a very nice long peeling wave to shred.


Courses include equipment, wetsuit, safety cover.

INSTRUCTION SUP & SURFING: FBC Moulay also offers professional lessons for SUP and surfing. You can be sure to hit the water and improve with the right conditions pretty much everyday of the season, either mornings, or late afternoon, … or the whole day. So pack some energy, don’t look back and realize your surfing dreams!

LANGUAGES: Courses are held by an International Team of qualified instructors in English, French, Spanish and Arabic.