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Martinique is the second largest island of the French West Indies at the northernmost of the Windward Caribbean group – otherwise known as the “breezy islands”. The island is 65km long and 31km wide with a central plain (Le Lamentin) and mountains to the north and south, the largest of which is the active volcano Mount Pele at 1,397m. The north of the island (Atlantic side) has tropical rainforests surrounded by pineapple and banana plantations. The coastline is rugged with steep cliffs and volcanic black and grey sand coves. The south of the island (Caribbean side) has an irregular coastline with peninsulas, islets and sandy golden bays and beaches with calmer seas. In the middle of all of this spectacular scenery you will find mangroves, rainforest trails, waterfalls, plantations, wetlands, rolling green hills and a riot of colours.

FBC Martinique is located at the Pointe du Bout on the tip of a semi-island facing the capital, Fort de France.

There is so much to see and do here, hiking and biking, the golf courses are world class, the underwater world has an abundance of marine life and interesting wreck diving can be found on the island. The food (and indeed the whole island) is a mix of African, French, Creole, Caribbean and West Indian influences – which makes for rich and interesting tastes and experiences all round!

The charm of Martinique is hard to deny. With warm weather and warm water all year round, superb cuisine, incredible landscapes, stunning beaches and that laid back Caribbean vibe you know after your first Ti Punch that you made the perfect decision!


Fort de France – The capital of Martinique with narrow winding streets and colourful markets

La Pagerie – Birth place of Napoleons Empress Josephine – a popular attraction

Mount Pele – Worth the climb for the spectacular views

Volcano Museum – Learn about the 1902 Mt. Pele eruption which destroyed a city and its’ entire population – except for one man!

Rum Distilleries – Some of the best rums in the world are produced here and tasting is always offered!

Lamentin Plain – Walk through rain forests and cool down bathing in waterfalls

HMS Diamond Rock – Gets a 12 gun salute from passing British war ships!