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Windsurfing Martinique


The north east trade winds accelerate across the plains of Lamentin and blow onshore at the launch area and at 90 degrees to the whole sailing area. The main wind period is from the beginning of December until the end of April, but FBC Martinique is open all year round and you can expect some great conditions in June and July which can be a perfect time to travel as hotels and flights are so much cheaper. There is a launching area in front of the center (30 m wide) with waist high flat water and soft sand under foot. This area is slightly protected from the wind and is excellent for entry level and kids. Outside this area is where the fun really begins!

The sailing area is large and safe with easy freeride conditions (flat water and bump & jump). You sail from the center in the direction of a deep green mangrove. Just before this (about 400 m from the center) is a shallow (waist high) sand bank, perfect for waterstart and jibe training, or even for taking a well deserved break!

A long wooden jetty runs from the main center building out to the sailing area and it’s a great place for watching the action and taking pictures as your friends fly past!

Last but not least, and should you get worried about inactive holidays, the center also has a powerful motorboat and are trained in all sorts of tow-in sports such as waterskiing and of course wakeboarding – you will have NO excuses for being lazy during your holiday!


FBC Martinique teach all levels of windsurfing in a safe and friendly environment. They prefer to do their coaching in an exclusive way: only on a one-on-one basis, ensuring speedy progress, dedicated attention and value for money!

Windsurfing Beginners benefit from a wind shadow at the launch area where the water is calm and waist high with a sandy bottom. The wooden jetty on one side and the curve of the bay ensure a completely safe learning experience. Further out the wind speed increases and becomes more constant blowing at 90 degrees to the sailing area. The flat water and bump and jump conditions are superb for stance work and manoeuvre training, and the sand bank provides either a welcome rest or the chance to nail down your waterstarts and jibes.


LANGUAGES: Courses are held by an experienced qualified instructor in English, French and basic German.

SPECIAL PACKAGES: Video coaching available upon request (at a supplement)