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Wingfoil Martinique

The Spots

The north-east trade winds accelerate across the plains of Lamentin and blow onshore at the launch area and at 90 degrees to the whole riding area. The main wind period is from the beginning of December until August, but FBC Martinique is open all year round and you can expect some great conditions in June and July which can be a perfect time to travel as hotels and flights are so much cheaper. There is a launching area in front of the center (30 m wide) with waist high flat water and soft sand under foot. This area is slightly protected from the wind and is excellent for entry level and kids. Outside this area is where the fun really begins!

The riding area is large and safe with easy freeride conditions (flat water and bump & jump). You wingfoil from the center in the direction of a deep green mangrove. Just before this (about 400 m from the center) is a shallow (waist high) sand bank, perfect for training new moves, or even for taking a well-deserved break.

A long wooden jetty runs from the main center building out to the riding area and it’s a great place for watching the action and taking pictures as your friends fly past!


FBC Martinique teach all levels of wingfoiling from beginner to intermediate and advanced. Even kids lessons are held in a safe and friendly environment. You can choose between several lesson packages and combinations either organised as a shared lesson with another student, or private tuition. International, qualified instructors teach according to the latest methods and in compliance with all safety precautions!

Wingfoil Beginners and kids benefit from a wind shadow at the launch area where the water is calm and waist high with a sandy bottom. The wooden jetty on one side and the curve of the bay ensure a completely safe learning experience. Further out the wind speed increases and becomes more constant blowing at 90 degrees to the sailing area. The flat water and bump and jump conditions are superb for stance work while flying and maneuver training.

If the wind is not enough for using the wing, you can improve your foiling skills by being pulled by a motorboat. Like this you can make out of all conditions the most and improve your wingfoiling easily.