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the boarders center

Kitesurfing Martinique


Kitesurfers will find a dream playground.

The FBC Martinique center has an immense kiting area surrounded by beautiful greenery and mangroves, with a combination of flat water and chops, great for improving your level, practicing advanced New School tricks or simply enjoying super long freeride runs.

The north east trade winds accelerate across the plains of Lamentin and blow onshore at the launch area and at 90 degrees to the whole sailing area. The main wind period is from the beginning of December until the end of April, but FBC Martinique is open all year round and you can expect some great conditions in June and July which can be a perfect time to travel as hotels and flights are so much cheaper.

The launch can be tricky as the area is very small and the wind blows onshore here, but the team is always on hand to help, and less experienced kiters can be taken by boat to launch outside and make the best of the wind direction and safety offered. The team of expert kiters at FBC Martinique will look after you well both on land and on the water and are just waiting to share their enthusiasm with you, as well as providing top tips. You can even discover the joy of Kitefoiling at the center and learn this new riding dimension in all safety, so don’t wait any longer!

Last but not least, and should you get worried about inactive holidays, the center has a powerful motorboat and are trained in all sorts of tow-in sports such as waterskiing and of course wakeboarding – you will have NO excuses for not having mastered that move during your holiday.

All year round the water is warm and so is the wind – you can’t ask for much more!


FBC Martinique teach all levels of kitesurfing in a safe and friendly environment. They prefer to do their coaching with a maximum 4 students in a group for kitesurfing (private also offered), ensuring speedy progress, dedicated attention and value for money!

The boat takes you to the place in the mangrove where the wind blows the best, and with tons of space around you to practice with all your wits.


LANGUAGES: Courses are held by an experienced qualified instructor in English, French and basic German.

SPECIAL PACKAGES: Video coaching available upon request (at a supplement).