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Thanks to the outer reef, surfing & SUP feature VERY highly here too, and Jean Seb Lavocat the owner of the center, discoverer of the spot and an extreme true waterman of international level, is dedicated to the younger generation. He has formed a surfing association (SMX Waterboys and Watergirls) and is a creator of young surf champions all over the Caribbean. He has built a special 23m² catamaran platform to transport surfers, friends and photographers out to the reef to enjoy the show in comfort and style.

The surf spot is situated 400m from the shore, where waves roll over the relatively deep reef. A large channel were the waves don’t break offers the possibility to easily reach the line up (peak). FBC St. Martin has ideal conditions for complete beginners as well as for the most advanced and addicted of surfers!

Should that not be enough, FBC St Martin gives you everything to become a true water addict by giving you the opportunity to try, on the flat and then in the waves, a true Hawaiian Canoe, for more shared adrenaline and tons of fun !

St. Martin is the perfect all round spot for families, kids, windsurfers, surfers; SUPers and kiters of all levels. It is very rare indeed on this planet that so many can be satisfied at the same time – but trust us – St. Martin does it all!


FBC St. Martin is proud to offer SUP and surfing instruction by fully qualified team members. The surf / SUP spot is situated 400m from the shore at the reef and has ideal teaching conditions for complete beginners as well as for the most advanced and addicted!

For beginners, it’s basically perfect to surf all year long. Surf tuition is available for all children from the age of 6 (after having checked their swimming skills), every morning and afternoon, following the strict standards of the national French surfing association (FFS). Various courses are offered including 6 day courses with FFS surf passport given at the end of the course. The instructors will always keep you informed of the weather, and lessons will be moved if conditions are not suitable for your level.

The cherry on the cake: During surfing lessons, you will save all your energy thanks to the center’s catamaran that will bring you to and back from the spot – a super surf-shuttle service indeed ! 

CERTIFICATIONS OFFERED: SUP & Surfing – FFS (Fédération Francaise de Surf)

LANGUAGES: Courses are held in English, French, Italian and Spanish.