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Windsurfing St. Martin


The eastern coast of St. Martin is exposed to almost constant trade winds which blow side onshore from the left December to April (14-25 knots) and side onshore from the right June to September (12–20 knots). May is the least windy month. From the end of June to the end of October is a cyclonic period and the place can really rock at this time! September, October and November are well known for the quality of the waves and surf.

The sailing area is a one kilometer wide sandy lagoon with some standing areas, protected by an outer reef about 400m from the shore. The reef offers great wave riding conditions with breaking waves between 1 and 3m all year long– superb ! The water in the lagoon is warm, flat and safe – a perfect windsurfing learning environment as well as fantastic freeride and freestyle conditions.

Should that not be enough, FBC St Martin gives you everything to become a true water addict by giving you the opportunity to try, on the flat and then in the waves, a true Hawaiian Canoe, for more shared adrenaline and tons of fun !

St. Martin is the perfect all round spot for families, kids, windsurfers, surfers, SUPers and kiters of all levels. It is very rare indeed on this planet that so many can be satisfied at the same time – but trust us – St. Martin does it all! As for the colours, they are simply surreal and very addictive!


FBC St. Martin is proud to offer windsurfing instruction by fully qualified team members. The equipment on offer, the conditions, and the transport available if necessary means that you will always be taught in optimum learning conditions for your level and aspirations.

FBC St. Martin really has something to offer all levels of windsurfing. The wind blows side onshore from the left or right depending on the time of year. The wind is quite strong in the morning, may drop between 12.00 and 15.00 giving a chance for lunch and the entry level lessons, and then picks up again and peaks right through until sunset. The water in the lagoon is warm, flat and safe – a perfect learning environment for beginners as well as fantastic freeride and freestyle conditions for intermediates to advanced. The reef offers superb wave riding opportunities with breaking waves between 1-3m and the owner Jean Seb will take great pleasure in teaching you in the waves.

If you really are a very advanced rider, you might enjoy the privilege of a guided session with private lesson by Jean seb himself on one of the amazing yet very radical wave spots nearby such as the infamous Wilderness (your level will be checked beforehand !)

CERTIFICATIONS OFFERED: Windsurfing – FFV (Fédération Francaise de Voile)

LANGUAGES: Courses are held in English, French, Italian and Spanish.