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the boarders center

Travel Info

  • CAPITALS – Marigot on the French side and Philipsburg on the Dutch side.
  • SIZE – 87 km2 (French 53 km2, Dutch 34 km2)
  • POPULATION – French Side 36,000 and Dutch Side 41,000
  • CURRENCY – EURO and US-Dollars used on both sides. The Caribbean Guilder is used on the Dutch side only.
  • ENTRY REQUIREMENTS – Passport and valid onward or return ticket required for all entries. E.U. citizens can no longer enter the island with a regular ID card. Please check the entry/visa requirements for your country at the appropriate consulate or embassy well in advance of your travel date. If your itinerary is via the US, ESTA is mandatory.
  • LANGUAGE – The official languages are French and Dutch. English is widely used.
  • TIME DIFFERENCE – CET -6 hrs (summer) CET -5 hrs (winter)
  • ELECTRICITY – 220 volts French side. 110 volts Dutch side
  • TELEPHONE – The dialing code for St. Martin is +590 (French side)
  • CLIMATE/CLOTHING – Tropical climate. Light clothing. Prepare for rain as well.
  • HEALTH REGULATIONS – No immunization required. Please consult your physician for individual health requirements or precautions.
  • TRANSFER/CAR RENTAL – Not provided. A rental car is strongly recommended as all the accommodation are a distance away from the center / natural reserve ! Driving time from Princess Juliana International Airport (Dutch side) to FBC St. Martin in Orient Bay is about 30 minutes.