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Why Duotone at all FBC centers offering kitesurfing ?

Duotone is synonym of True Kiteboarding and is the world leading kiteboarding equipment brand. Inspired by innovation, quality and diversity.

As a brand, Duotone have always stayed true to their foundations; true to the sport. They are driven by the vision of their designers, the skills and ambition of their team riders, and all those who appreciate the premium quality, performance and diversity of their products.

Our common goal at Duotone Kiteboarding and at FBC is to create an unforgettable experience for each and every individual, with the safest equipment in the world.

Kiteboarding has been capturing the attention of many over the last few years as being the “sport of the moment.”
All genders of different backgrounds, sporting experiences and age groups are aspiring to take part. With such a broad variety of enthusiasts, the Duotone Kiteboarding full range of products caters to the style, desire and necessity of each individual rider. As does the FBC portfolio of kiting destinations for a perfect kiting holiday - Whatever your level is, it will raise, you can count on it, and on us !

Duotone has achieved its world market leading status by delivering the goods and fulfilling the needs of even the most specific niches of the market, without ever losing focus on durability and perfect safety.

There are in fact no disciplines that Duotone Kiteboarding does not cover and you will be amazed by the quality and performance of their products across the range, may they be kites, kiteboards (twintips and directional), foils and foilboards, bars or of course the latest craze led by Duotone: Foil Wings.

At the end of the day, it is all about passion and competence and we have plenty of it in stock for you.

See you on the water at one of our partner FBC centers for some epic riding !!

Duotone – True Kiteboarding.