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Wingfoil Range

Wing wing wing, the word is on every boarder’s lip, and everyone just wants to give it a go and fly over the water by almost all wind conditions.

Wingfoiling has brought to the action sports world a new dimension and an amazing sport that combines sensations, techniques et technologies known to windsurfers, kitesurfers and surfers alike. The best of all worlds did you say?

The amount of work and passion that have been invested by Fanatic and Duotone over the last couple of years is something never seen before and the combined incredible know-how of their R&D teams have brought them in no time onto the highest place on the podiums, both in the competition world and in the manufacturing aspects of the sport – why change a winning team after all?!

As the level of the sport and its practices grow on a weekly basis, so does the development of new products and you will be impressed with the quality, the agility and the wind ranges that the Fanatic wingboards and foils as well as the Duotone wing now deliver. To be enjoyed without moderation in several of our FBC centers all year round...

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