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At FBC, we are Boarders before anything else, mixing passions and sports for the longest and best possible time spent on the water, while learning new stuff and improving our level at the same time.

At FBC, we also like new trends and new toys very much, no way to hide it since we dedicate ourselves daily in offering you the cream of the cream, before anyone else gets there, for your utter pleasure.

All boarding sports have a lot in common and all offer strong and delightful sensations, so what could get us so excited AGAIN for this new season ?!

In 2010, Fanatic gave us the chance to realise one of Mans oldest dreams: to walk on water. Any of us and all of us can now do this, thanks to the introduction of SUP (Stand Up Paddleboards) in the range.

Since then, Fanatic has kept investing tremendous amounts of time, money, energy and talent in what is still the fastest growing water sport on the planet, Stand Up Paddleboarding.

Nowadays, SUP is a totally mature sport that keeps growing and improving each passing week, with lighter, stiffer equipment, better durability and increased sensations, a wide range of use and conditions for each board and through the amazing choice we now have, the guarantee for anyone to find a board suited to their taste and style, from a complete beginner to the most advanced rider. It only takes one try to become hooked and realize the beauty of SUP, both for your body and for your mind !! Why should you wait or hesitate to improve your skills, fitness, balance and general happiness in everyday life in a fun and easy way ?

Should that already belong to your repertory of skills, how about testing yourself with the latest Fanatic SUP and surf Foilboards collection that turns everyday into an epic riding experience, pretty much regardless of the conditions - Are you already addicted too ?

So don’t wait, grab a SUP, join us and remember: in life, if all else fails, just paddle out …


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